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The Fundamentals Of Boho-Fashion

You might have read of how to dress up in the bohemian style, but if you’re still stumped, read on below to find exactly what kind of clothing you’ll need to look totally Boho-Chic!

• Headwear and accessories

o Headbands and flower crowns – headbands are the best way to transmit the idea of hippie while remaining chic! You can go for even thin headbands as long as they bold colours. If you’re daring enough otherwise, you can go for the popular flower crowns – truly the embodiment of the bohemian style.

o Oversized glasses – go for large glasses (sunglasses as well as fashion glasses, of course!) to create bolder impressions! Valley Eyewear stockists are bound to have bohemian styled large glasses, so you can search around for them in their shops, for example.
o Chunky, rustic jewellery – bohemian styles are very much linked with nature, and accessories which are capable of giving off the feeling of the nature and Mother Earth are exactly what you need. Select bangles, bracelets, earrings and necklaces which are large, chunky and boldly coloured! Rustic accessories which have been made locally with wood and similar materials are also ideal.

• Clothes

o Tunic tops – large tunic tops which don’t fit tightly are an essential in any bohemian closet. They can be plain to be matched with other patterned clothes, or be patterned and matched with plain clothing.

o Denim vests – denim vests are ideal in how they match with almost any kind of clothing; therefore, having two or three of them in your closet will never hurt.

o Maxi skirts and dresses – bohemian style clothing is all about relaxed, large clothing which is easy to move in, and maxi dresses and skirts exactly fit that description. If you can mix in some bold and loud prints and patterns into them, then you’re all ready to go! 

o Flared jeans – drop the skinny jeans everyone wears nowadays and make a trip back to the past! Flared jeans are an easy way to look trendy and bohemian without too much effort.

• Footwear

o Gladiator sandals – sandals are another staple of bohemian closets, but gladiator sandals – that is, the sandals with many straps which resemble the footwear of the ancient gladiators, if you don’t know – are probably the best sandals to fit the category. You can go for knee-high gladiator sandals if you’re tall, or stick to ankle-length ones if you’re short.

o Brown and similar neutral colour boots – ankle boots are easy to pair with any type of bohemian clothing, so make sure to stock up on them! Nude colours and other similar colours, such as greys and browns are the most ideal.