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Preparing Your Child For The Holy Sacrament

In Christianity, as a child is born, the child’s parents offer the child to God in what is known as baptism, a ceremony that commits the child to Christianity and God. However, as the child will still be a baby, the parents of the child take all the vows on the child’s behalf together with the “God parents” of the child who will be responsible for the religious life of the child. About eight years later however the child is then ready to receive her first holy communion, a very important moment in the religious life of the child as it marks the day that the child receives the body of Christ.

Explain the true meaning of the sacrament to your child

In most schools, first Holy Communion is a routine thing that is done in a particular grade without too much involvement from the child itself. No one stops to speak the child on a one to one level to ask the child if they are ready to make this commitment to Christianity, to God and to themselves. Either parents of preferably the God parents of the child would ideally need to sit with the child and explain what is happening. In addition to this, it would be a good idea to get your child excited about it by helping to pick out her own first communion dress for the ceremony. It is very important that the child is involved in the planning of their first holy communion with an explanation about what it represents. Click this link if you are looking for lace ivory flower girl dresses.

Ideally a first communion dress would be a long white dress similar to a bridal dress but less fancy. A simple yet elegant white lace dress would be ideal for the occasion. In some schools however, the school will require the child to wear their own school uniform to maintain uniformity among all the students however it would be a good idea to check with the school about their own rules and regulations before you invest on abeautiful dress for your little one.

A party for the occasion

Although it is a religious occasion, it is common for parents to throw little parties for the children who have just received first Holy Communion. Usually it would be a small event with close family and friends where the child receiving would have a small religious themed cake, a nice family dinner and would usually receive small things like rosaries or bibles as gifts to encourage the child on their future religious life.