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How To Make The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Weddings come and go but if it is your wedding then it is a once in a life time kind of thing. Unless you want to get married more than once. People fall in love and when the families get along as well, they finally decide to get married but this is not too simple. There are so many things that should be looked into at a wedding. Therefore making an ultimate checklist is a must. But this checklist shouldn’t have all the unnecessary sections which are none of your concern. When we say none of your concern it doesn’t necessarily mean that no one should be bothered at all, it means the bride or the groom shouldn’t be bothered because they have more things to focus on. One main thing any girl would personally look into is her makeup, hair and outfit. From head to toe she would want to look all dolled up and way prettier than anyone else at the wedding. But haven’t you wondered if the groom will be feeling the same way? Though he is a male, he might have certain desires, likes and dislikes about his own marriage. Therefore, it is not only the girl’s family which should have a say in everything but also the boy’s family. Let the boy speak as well regarding his concerns. Most of the time we give so much attention to the girl and at the end we completely forget about the groom. Later we complain about how bad the groom looked and how pretty the bride looked. Don’t you think it’s unfair? Therefore to fix this gap there are certain things you could do.


Yes! The priority goes to the outfit as usual. But this time add the boys outfit at the top of your checklist. Mens ties by Man Threads is a section you should definitely pay attention to. While choosing it is always a wiser option to take the tailor along with you. Because in that way he can match your suit and the other things you are going to buy. Apart from that the tailor might have a better idea about how you are going to look on that day. Therefore outfit is everything. Following that you could add the bridal dress of the girl. If she wants it from an expert who does it for movies then you better get your appointments sorted way early. Because last minute dealings are not going to help at al.


Apart from the outfit checklist there’s something called details you need to tap into. Details are the main elements which adds a little bit of glitz to the whole setup. Focus on small things like getting designer cufflinks from Australia, belts and wallet. Thus, it can help you feel more confident and give that classy look.Thus, start making the list before it’s too late!